NEW Cauliflower Crust Pizza

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NEW Cauliflower Crust Pizza

New Crust Recipe!

Great NEW! Real Good Foods has a new and improved cauliflower pizza crust! They originally had tapioca starch in the crust and I can’t promote something I won’t put in my body or recommend to my clients. However, they reformulated the crust (hopefully we helped influence the change) and it is now free of starches! The ingredients are pure and keto-friendly!

They are also much better texture with a thinner and crispier crust, just how we like them! The cool thing about the new Cauliflower Pizza Crusts is that the pizzas are much bigger than the original Real Good Foods pizzas! A cauliflower pizza can feed a whole family!



New Cauliflower Pizza Crusts also in Publix!

Want to pick these awesome meals up locally?  These pizzas  are currently in all Publix stores! I encourage you to give them a try. Great ingredients and taste great too. They are really great for when you are in a pinch and want to stick to a healthy lifestyle!


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  • Anna Liza says:

    My favorite summer spot is locally in Carlsbad at our timeshare at the Carlsbad Inn. It’s a quick mini vacation even if it’s only a few hours.

    • Brenda Schulpius says:

      My favorite vacation spot is aitutaki Cook Islands

    • Mikelle D THOMPSON says:

      My favorite local vacation spot is Carolina Beach (Wilmington, NC) it’s a easy drive from my home in Raleigh, NC . We love the boardwalk and the food. One of our favorite get-aways…

    • Patricia Foltz says:

      We live in Michigan and my favorite vacation spot is our family cottage at Cedar Lake. It is only 2 hours away and easy to get away for even a weekend.

  • Cindi Hoag says:

    I think somewhere close, just time with family in nature.

  • Christopher Sorel says:

    peperonii on pizza is best and love your bread recipe

  • Cooper says:

    I haven’t seen my mom in 2 years so my trip for her B’day [to Sarasota, FL] was a very worthwhile destination!

    Also, thanks, because I’ve been a little frustrated with companies slapping the word keto on everything and then there being ingredients that I didn’t want to put in my body as well! It’s not an everyday meal because I like more than one serving when I’m I.F. & have a shorter eating window or the de margarita is 9 net carbs per serving!

  • Paul says:

    Best summer trips in the states is anywhere in Southern California, and then also just across the border up into Canada, either British Columbia area, or if you’re out by me on the East Coast, Toronto

  • Jeannee Lewis says:

    Love getting away to the Smokey Mounty during the summer. Just beautiful!

  • Deone says:

    I’ve always wanted to try a pizza with a cauliflower crust. Pizza is one of my favorite meals which I’ve had to avoid because of the high carbs, This sounds like a wonderful option.

  • Kimberly Clark says:

    California. I love to see the ocean and the redwoods! It is just gorgeous!

  • Stacey Bousquet says:

    Spending a week at the beach in Cape Cod, Mass.

  • Ruthie says:

    I live in California and Maria, Craig and the kids are welcome here anytime.
    I have a quick question. If one if trying to keep the carbs at 10g or below,
    is pizza a good idea? Cauliflower still has a lot of carbs, yes?
    Thank you for everything, love you guys.

  • Sue Richards says:

    Camping anywhere beautiful!

  • Danielle S says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is San Simeon, CA. Oh, the cool ocean breezes.

  • Roye says:

    I just bought the Realgood cauliflower crust pizza, the Margherita one, they didn’t have Pepperoni. I didn’t read the ingredients before buying, my bad! But when I got home I did read them and there is tapioca starch in the ingredients? Guess the new Realgood Pizzas with new ingredients aren’t in the stores yet. I haven’t tried it yet so don’t have a review :).

  • Montese says:

    Love your breakfast pudding, I found it on your blog

  • Jacquie Z says:

    I like too many of your recipes to pick just one.

    • Cooper says:

      Haven’t seen my mom in 2 years, so the best place is visiting her in Sarasota, FL; even though, it feels like 100 degrees! ;-D

    • Brooke Rose says:

      Your keto bacon pizza recipe is absolutely mouth watering would have to be my favorite keto recipe of yours and can be found right above these comments~ I’d lve to win the cauliflower pizza crust pizza giveaway as i haven’t been able to try those yet but they look like they’d be yummy!!!

      • Brooke Rose says:

        I joined thr group and followed you on Instagram~ My favorite vacation spot would have to be the ocean in Florida and Hawaii~ 🙂

  • Angela Saver says:

    My favorite recipe of yours is Thai Short Ribs which I found here on the blog! My favorite summer vacation spot is Gulf Shores, Alabama!

  • Ruth D says:

    We enjoy Summit County, Colorado. Hiking, biking, water sports, great food, 360° mountain views and sunny warm skies with cool air. Perfect summer weather!

  • Ronnie Siriani says:

    Upstate New York (Catskills or further up)
    What a paradise!

  • Beth McDonagh says:

    Hands down, my favorite vacation ever was Hawaii. For summer vacays, anywhere not too far with water for splashing, trails for exploring and a comfy living area to relax and play games with the family.

  • Joanne says:

    My own back yard with my family.

  • Susanna Austin says:

    My favorite vacation spot is home. When I was a kid, we never really went anywhere. Literally once to Lake Erie(3 hours away) and only overnight, drove to the ocean once, went camping overnight once, and a day trip to Gettysburg. That was it. So, going on vacation isn’t really my thing! lol! As for recipes, I don’t have one yet. I just bought 2 of your cookbooks off Amazon and look forward to having a ton of favorites! Thank you!

  • Sherri says:

    My favorite vacation spot is the beach on a warm sunny day!

  • Linda says:

    Any campground to enjoy with family and friends.

  • Rachel says:

    Anywhere outdoors and near water. Our family favorite was a campground in UP Michigan called Cedar Campus on Lake Huron. Quiet, pristine and stunning. Door County and Lake Tahoe are also great.

  • Steve Carlisle says:

    Napa Valley

  • Rebecca Hicks says:

    My favorite recipe is the Kringle from your comfort food cookbook. I made it the first time last year while staying at an Airbnb in northern California. I don’t have a single favorite vacation destination … each is special in its own way 🙂

  • Kay Ng says:

    I like to vacation in Vegas. So much energy and stuff to do off the strip like hiking at Mount Charleston.

  • Kimberly Brooke says:

    I love to visit Lake Tahoe in California and Nevada. I went there most summers as a child growing up and it brings back fond memories and it is such a beautiful spot to swim, bike, kayak, bike, lay on the beach or go up the mountain to enjoy the view.

  • Judy Hall says: says:

    My favorite is Lafayette, Louisiana good food, family with down to earth people.No place like home to visit when you live in different state.

  • kris says:

    Love to vacation in WI.
    Our favorite recipe is the Bacon and Eggs Ramen in the 30 day Keto Cleanse. I make the Rosti recipe most frequently

  • Samantha says:

    Love going to California to visit family

  • Chrissy says:

    Although I do like to take staycations, it’s nice to get away to someplace different. My favorite vacation place = Blue Ridge Mountains of NC.

  • Kim Garner says:

    Hard to choose just one favorite, but it might be the Lemon Curd Dutch Baby.

  • Kris Reeves says:

    Anywhere with family!
    So glad they have changed their pizzas as I quit buying them due to the tapioca starch too!

  • Janet says:

    I’m new to the Keto diet and haven’t tried any of your recipes yet but I am looking forward to trying many of them 🙂

  • Michael Martin says:

    My favorite vacation spot is the White Mountains of New Hampshire! Pretty much any season of the year there is something to do. Spending time with family is the best!

  • Mandy B says:

    Anywhere in the ColoRADo mountains.

  • Denise W says:

    Instant Pot Baby Back Ribs. I found it under Videos for your instant pot cookbook. My daughter gave me an instant pot for Christmas as she loves hers. So far I have not used it (ok scared of it) But the ribs look so good and easy. Mine take me all day.

  • Rene' Chambliss says:

    My favorite vacation spot is anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. Hiking up to the hidden, glorious Alpine Lakes in the mountains is my favorite activity there.

  • Randa Sharpe says:

    My own attempts at cauliflower pizza crust have been dismal. These look really yummy!

  • Carol says:

    Kayaking just about anywhere!

  • Stefanie R says:

    Favorite vacation spot…a beach! Anywhere but preferably next to the ocean!

  • Ashley Starbard says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Lethe, Jamaica.

  • Roxanne Canovi says:

    Quite place by water with a view.

  • Sarah Oswald says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Ocean City beach in Maryland.

  • Sarah Oswald says:

    My favorite recipe of yours is this cake

  • Lisa Vanhook says:

    My favorite vacation spot is the Tennessee mountains.

  • Kelly Woods says:

    Destin, Florida is my favorite spot. Thank you.

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