Keto S’mores

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Keto S’mores

We always pack Nui cookies on our camping adventures and last year I made my keto marshmallows to pack on our camping trip too! Micah made a simple keto S’more using the Nui Double Chocolate Cookie! They just created a variety box, so now you can try all the flavors! Feel free to use my code MARIA10 for a special discount!

I love making my homemade keto cookies for my boys but I have been traveling so much lately, it is nice to have easy options like Nui Cookies for my keto kids!

If you have missed S’mores since starting your keto journey, you must try my keto S’mores recipe! Happy Camping!

Keto S'mores
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 12
  1. Click HERE to make the marshmallows.
  2. Place one keto marshmallow in between 2 Nui Double Chocolate Cookies and enjoy!
Nutritional Information:
272 calories, 23g fat, 7g protein, 8g carbs, 4g fiber


We love NUI cookies. Not only because of the quality keto ingredients, but because we love the 2 guys that own the company!  And we love supporting small businesses making great products. The Nui Cookie guys are so generous, they are offering a giveaway for their NEW variety box!



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“Hi Maria, In nine days it will be my one year Ketoversary! Down 145 pounds. Thank you for such an informative page that helps keep me on my toes!! To many more Keto years! ” – Holly

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  • Amy says:

    These cookies/s’mores look awesome!

    • Maria Emmerich says:


      • Marsha says:

        My niece has lost 47lbs in 5 months! I am so ready to start this journey and lose some excess weight

      • Sarah Oswald says:

        I definitely have lost weight and feel better ever since I started keto and it’s easier to stay on track on this type of diet I’m glad I found it.

  • Julie Seguin says:

    Wow … these will be perfect for the cottage this summer 🙂

  • Ally says:

    This recipe comes at the perfect time! I’ve been wanting s’mores for the past few days, but I haven’t been sure how to make them keto. Thanks!

  • Jim Cordero says:

    We’ve been following you, learning and eating this way for a couple years now. What a difference this has made, in so many areas. Not only has this helped with our health and weight, but also the cookbooks and meal plans have made this sooo simple. Thank you both for all you’ve done and continue to do.

  • Stephanie says:

    3 years of Keto – down 90+ lbs…still pressing on!

  • Alison says:

    Look great! I am very discouraged on keto. 1 year of pretty perfect keto and no weight loss!

  • Brenda Galindez says:

    I don’t have anything currently that Keto would heal that I know of but I will see down the road as years go by. I started this journey as a preventive measure of dementia or alzheimer as some of my aunts have been diagnosed. I survived breast cancer in 2006, wish I would have known of keto then, but again don’t want a reoccurrence. So here’s to Keto and my future!

  • Melissa says:

    I have more mental clarity and energy for teaching since keto!

  • Candice Grunseth says:

    Would love to try these cookies!

  • kris says:

    Husband’s aches and pains have disappeared. He loves Maria’s recipes!!

  • Donna says:

    I love the way I feel when living keto. My foggy brain is clearer.

  • Carissa says:

    I’ve lost 30 pounds and feel so much better.

  • Misty says:

    Enjoy a good cookie and Keto approved!

  • Christa stark says:

    These cookies look amazing. I’m
    Down 56 lbs on keto. No more lactose intolerance, migraines or IBS!!! I feel amazing and this WOE has changed my life.

  • helped with my depression, and arthritis

  • DARCIE PARK says:

    My Sister has inspired me to do this and I am hoping to inspire others as well.

  • Heather Schmidt says:

    How has keto healed me? Let me count the ways!
    My BP has gone from 150/110 to 90’s/60’s…. no more meds! I have 90% less arthritis, 50% less psoriasis, daily acid reflux is gone, nearly daily chronic multiple times a day migraines, gone, PCOS healed, majority of my skin tags are gone…. not to mention 80 lbs!

  • Paul says:

    Keto has helped me manage my type 1 diabetes in so many ways as well as helped maintain my competition weight for my sports.

  • Esther Øvervoll Flora says:

    I’ve lost 35 pounds and the cravings are gone!

  • Carolsue says:

    Keto has helped me lose a little weight and I feel better now

  • erin says:

    I’ve lost 12 pounds in about 3 months!! Will continue this lifestyle!

    • Samantha says:

      The keto diet has healed my anxiety! I give God the glory for blessing me with discovering the keto diet! It’s been amazing

  • Anna says:

    Maria’s recipes and meal plans healed my blood pressure. I’ve always been very, inexplicably low and since doing the protein sparing modified fat book, my blood pressure has been at normal numbers. I’m amazed! Thank you Maria, Craig and kids!

  • Sarah Oswald says:

    I definitely have lost weight and feel better ever since I started keto and it’s easier to stay on track on this type of diet I’m glad I found it.