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Includes the Keto-30, Keto-30 Advanced Keto and Keto-30 Maintenance packages. IMG_7445-001

With this package you get all my ebooks, videos, both Accelerated Weight Loss, Advanced weight loss AND Maintenance 30 day meal plans (90 days of meal plans) and much more. All of my best tricks to get you losing weight and/or healing fast and maintaining this lifestyle forever.

  • 90 days of Keto-Adapted meal plans
  • Every day in the plan has a full summary with % of fat/protein/carbs ($800 value!)
  • Keto-30 Advanced meal plans (for kicking weight loss and healing into high gear)
  • 3 NEW Videos
  • Every day in the plans have a full summary with % of fat/protein/carbs
  • You get 8 of my ebooks.  Over 800 recipes and nutritional info! (PDF) ($90.82 value!)
  • Instructional handouts and tips
  • FIVE of my 2 hours classes ($150 value) including the Keto Life and The Keto Life – Supplements!
  • Over a dozen of Maria’s instructional videos
  • Exercise instructions and tips
  • Plans start dairy, gluten and nut free and then phase in dairy and nut flours in maintenance plansipad


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Without the ebooks:

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NOTE: Once you purchase any package, no refund is possible (you get all the material as soon as you checkout).

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“Hi Maria! I just wanted to check in with you today and say it has been 7 months of keto-ing with you and as of today, I have lost 100 pounds! It’s so unbelievable to me how much sense this lifestyle makes and yet it goes against everything we have ever learned about eating and nutrition. Well I am clear proof of the positive transformation! Not only are all of my autoimmune diseases in complete remission, but everything about myself is better – moods, skin, hair, nails, stress, sleep, cholesterol, blood pressure, heart rate, eyelashes (!), — everything! Today is a day to celebrate! And to thank you – immensely!!”


“Thanks again for your support.
Just spent a full week of walking and playing and enjoying outings with my six grandchildren. If I had chosen to go to the Fair at all last year … I would have used a wheel chair. This past week, I walked the Minnesota State Fair on the 6th of the 7 days! I will turn 66 this month and feel younger than I did ten years ago. Wake up smiling every day.”