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This package is for accelerating your keto-adaption, losing weight fast and healing quickly. It is great for weight loss and healing from autoimmune disease, chronic pain, gastro intestinal issues, acid reflux, thyroid issues, diabetes control, heart health, eczema and other skin issues and much more.

  • 30 days of Accelerated Keto-Adapted meal plans including Intermittent Fasting, Over Feeding and workout daysIMG_2147.CR2
  • Every day in the plan has a full summary with % of fat/protein/carbs
  • Bonus Advanced Keto 7 day meal plans (for kicking weight loss and healing into high gear)
  • You get 8 of my ebooks.  Over 800 recipes and nutritional info! (PDF) ($90.82 value!)
  • Instructional handouts and tips
  • FIVE of my 2 hours classes ($150 value) including the Keto Life and The Keto Life – Supplements!
  • Over a dozen of Maria’s instructional videos


$300 $250  $205!

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Without the ebooks:

$250 $215  $175
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NOTE: Once you purchase any package, no refund is possible (you get all the material as soon as you checkout).

All materials are copyrighted and property of Maria Mind Body Health LLC and are intended only for use by the purchaser.  Sharing documents (PDF, word docs, etc.) or reselling them is strictly prohibited.  Substantial or systematic reproduction by Users is not permitted. Distributing or posting the PDF files is strictly prohibited without written permission.

“Dear Maria and Craig,
I recently bought your accelerated package which is amazing. I have already lost about 4 kgs (8.8 pounds)- not weighing again until Thursday.end of second week. Also have lost all cravings for sweet things. Fibromyalgia symptoms are reduced and no headaches since day 4. I cannot believe how wonderful this plan is. I have been unable to lose weight for EVER. I am 59 so at the wrong end of the life cycle and have lost so much muscle over the years with yoyo dieting.
Hopefully one day this will all be mainstream and not a little bit of a secret.
Thanks again team”


“Week 1 Advanced done and heading into the 30 day Accelerated plan. Stopped my metformin medication (pre-diabetes for 12 years) to get a true gauge of how my body was doing and my fasting sugars went from 100 on the medication to 76 without the medication. I also lost 7 pounds!”