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Keto-30 Maintain and Heal

These plans are ideal for someone who doesn’t want to lose weight but want to heal from autoimmune disease, chronic pain, gastro intestinal issues, acid reflux, thyroid issues, diabetes control, heart health, eczema and other skin issues and much more.  These are also great for gaining weight or muscle building.  Just adjust portion sizes as needed to gain weight and muscle.

  • 30 days of Keto-Adapted meal plans.IMG_1625.CR2
  • Every day in the plan has a full summary with % of fat/protein/carbs
  • You get 8 of my ebooks.  Over 800 recipes and nutritional info! (PDF) ($90.82 value!)
  • Instructional handouts and tips
  • FIVE of my 2 hours classes ($150 value) including the Keto Life and The Keto Life – Supplements!
  • Over a dozen of Maria’s instructional videos


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Without the ebooks:

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NOTE: Once you purchase any package, no refund is possible (you get all the material as soon as you checkout).

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“Maria, Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for all that you do for me through this blog! You are a treasure and I am so grateful to you and your family for my healthy lifestyle. and I loved my consult package and the 54 pound weight loss and loads of energy and sleep! Joints are healing. It has been amazing how a change of eating habits has changed my life dramatically. I still cannot almost believe how that food change has made such a significant change in my life and health. How incredible. Have a great week! xo. I am truly grateful for your research and experience. THANK YOU.”