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Keto-30 Advanced Keto

Lose Weight and Heal Faster than ever!

This is a complete package that gives you all you need to get on the path to health faster than ever.  It is great for weight loss and healing from autoimmune disease, chronic pain, gastro intestinal issues, acid reflux, thyroid issues, diabetes control, heart health, eczema and other skin issues and much more. These plans include:

  • Over 40 brand new ALL KETO Recipes not published anywhere else!
  • 3 NEW instructional videos! Instructions and Tips, What To Do If You Get Stuck and Quick Meal Options.
  • 30 days of Accelerated Keto-Adapted meal plans including Intermittent Fasting
  • Every day in the plan has a full summary with % of fat/protein/carbs
  • Weekly summaries with grocery lists
  • These plans include all of our most up to date knowledge and experience about what is the most optimum diet for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Exercise instructions and tips
  • Instructional handouts and tips
  • FIVE of my 2 hours classes ($150 value)
  • You get 8 of my ebooks.  Over 800 recipes and nutritional info! (PDF) ($90.82 value!)
  • Over a dozen of Maria’s instructional videos

This package is extra special because you get access to the tastiest unseen recipes that are not published anywhere. The recipes are perfect ratios for keto and are also gluten (and all grains), sugar, soy, dairy and nut-flour free.

This package also includes new videos to help you along the way. I am a visual learner and have a hard time reading through tons of instructions which is why I thought the video would be helpful.


$350 $295  $240

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Without the ebooks:

$300 $260  $210
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Upgrade pricing for 30 day Advanced Keto plansiPhone6-mockups-4

If you have purchase purchased one of our packages in the past, you can add this new 30 day Advanced Keto package with the following pricing:

Upgrading from:

Upgrade from Phone Consultation Package: $75

Upgrade from 67 day package: $100

Upgrade from 30+7 day package: $125

Upgrade from Basic package: $250

CLICK HERE to Contact Craig to get your upgrade deal (make sure to include the email address you used to pay paypal).

NOTE: Once you purchase any package, no refund is possible (you get all the material as soon as you checkout).

All materials are copyrighted and property of Maria Mind Body Health LLC and are intended only for use by the purchaser.  Sharing documents (PDF, word docs, etc.) or reselling them is strictly prohibited.  Substantial or systematic reproduction by Users is not permitted. Distributing or posting the PDF files is strictly prohibited without written permission.

“Good morning,
I just wanted to share with you, today is day 13 of your advanced healing plan. Yesterday and today I have woken up feeling like a new person. I am only 34 but have felt much older for the past few years (and now that I feel this good think it has been most of my life). My GI issues that have gone on for 2.5 years are slightly improved but the main changes surround my attitude, energy, and skin. The past 2 mornings I have woken up in such a positive mood I have been excited to exercise and to have a good day. I have had so much energy I almost feel like Tigger! Almost, ha ha! My skin has also clearing up, which is something I have battled since my teen years. I have lost about 7 pounds but the most exciting part is how I feel. When I woke up yesterday I felt astonished at how miserable I have felt for many years. I have always been someone who needed 12 hours of sleep but when I started having kids 8 years ago, that really took a toll on me to the point that after reading your information, I am pretty sure I have burnt my adrenal system out and compounded the issues with poor food choices that enhanced inflammation. I suffered weight gain and depression along with anxiety. I would just feel unhappy and spent more energy than I had to get through the day. It is such a cycle and for the first time in my life I feel like I have some control over it. I no longer feel trapped in my dysfunctional body!! Thank you! I want to sing your praises. You have answered my few emails with straightforward and caring replies. You have a personal touch which sets you apart. I have already sent my integrative doctor a message because I know he will want to know more about your plans. Have a great weekend, I know I will!”


“Ok… going on complete faith in Maria I JUST ordered the 30 day plan! I know TONS of us had so many questions about it …. so. ….
I opened Day 1… it’s like healthy eating for dummies, but BETTER!!!!
What to do when you get up. .. what to eat for breakfast…
What supplements you should be taking and when, Etc (Written like a schedule for you) The only thing you have to figure out on your own is when to go to the bathroom lol … that MAY be in one of the other pdf files though jk lol
Back to reading…but I wanted to let those that were curious a bit of info. ..I’ll update when I learn more but so far. ..AWESOME!!!!! Thanks, Maria!”