Q: How do I convert from the variety of sweeteners on the market (from Erythritol to ZSweet or Organic Zero)?

A: Click Here for my Sweetener Conversion Chat.


Q: Why do you use Coconut and Almond Flour?

A: Click Here for a discussion on why they are important.


Q: Why do you use Whey Protein and why do you reccomend Jay Robb?

A: Click Here for info on Whey Protein.


Q: Where can I buy your Books?

A: Right Here on my Amazon Store.


Q: Where can I buy the ingredients you use in your recipes (Almond Flour, Stevia, supplements, etc)?

A: You can find it all at my Astore Right Here.


Q: Where can I learn more about eating disorders?

A:  Eating Disorder Pro is a great site for more information and guidance.