Cocoa Pebbles

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“I completed day 28 since switching to the Keto-Adapted lifestyle and was amazed. When I started I had a whopping 200 excess pounds to shed. Knowing the last time I was at my goal weight was 27 years ago I was terrified that this would not work for me but I have followed the program diligently and it has already paid off. I have shed 26 pounds in 28 days and am feeling better than I have in years. I am 62 years young, have multiple health issues and have been extremely sedentary for decades. This 26 pounds has come off without exercise!

I am so encouraged as I know that I will surely shed the rest of my excess weight. Having dropped 26 pounds with no exercise or supplements to support me just think what will happen as I add those in as part of my health care regime.

Thank you soooo much Maria for what you are doing. God Bless – KaraAnn”

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Craig looks amazing!

Cocoa Pebbles

“This is a partial before after photo of me.  I couldn’t find any photos of me at my highest weight (185 in college).  On the left I was about 170 and today I am 145.” Craig



Cocoa Pebbles


I often hear complaints that it costs too much to eat this way, but seriously check out the costs of these juicing diets where you don’t even get to chew your lunch!

Suja is $8.49 for a bottle!
The Juice Works $65 for 6!!!

Hormones run our metabolism

When I start talking to clients about our hormones and our weight, they usually get a surprised look on their face. What do hormones have to do with our weight? A hormone is a chemical messenger from a cell in the body. A hormone is produced by almost every organ system and is secreted directly into the bloodstream. Hormones signal certain cells to perform certain functions. Hormones are in charge of so many important pieces of our everyday life; our monthly mood swings, sex drive, blood sugar levels, muscle tone, fat burning ability, metabolism, immune system…the list is huge! Hormones play a role in everything from good sleep and good sex to headaches, stress, fatigue and weight gain.

The struggle to lose weight can be very difficult, and many feel that there has to be a reason that the weight is not coming off. It is true that hormonal imbalance affects some overweight individuals. Hormones do play a role in weight loss and gain, but the role is dependent on the individual, and his or her dietary and exercise choices.

Hormones can affect our mood and energy amount. We, however, affect hormones. Our way of life plays a huge role in the hormonal makeup inside us. For example, if a person is inactive, certain hormones decrease, such as testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone that works to increase metabolism, and therefore regulate weight and encourage weight loss. On the other hand, a more active person will have a greater number of chemical reactions in the blood, and help enhance the body’s hormonal balance. This happens so the body can cope with its own need to adapt to the stress during physical exertion. As a result, the body will create balanced hormones, which boosts metabolism, and lead to weight loss. By exercising regularly, getting adequate sleep, and eating the right foods, the body can create harmony with your hormones.


Ghrelin, sleep and liquid calories!

Scientists believe they have discovered why people get hungry at mealtimes, why dieters who lose weight often gain it back, and why stomach surgery helps obese people lose a great deal of weight. One main reason is the hormone called ghrelin, which makes us hungry, slows metabolism, and decreases the body’s ability to burn fat.

Ghrelin levels increase before meals and drop afterward depending upon what you consume. Volunteers given ghrelin injections felt extremely hungry, and, when turned loose at a buffet, ate 30 percent more than they did previously. Dieters who lose weight produce more ghrelin than they did before dieting, as if their bodies are fighting against starvation. By contrast, obese people who have gastric bypass surgery to lose weight end up with low levels of ghrelin, which helps explain why their appetites decrease noticeably after the surgery.

People who fail to sleep properly over-stimulate their ghrelin production which increases the desire for food. Lack of sleep also reduces the production of leptin which is the body’s appetite suppressant. So in short, if you don’t get enough sleep, the hormones in your body get all out of whack and you think that you’re hungry when really you don’t need that food.

Getting the right amount of sleep can be the first step to making sure that you’re getting the ghrelin and leptin balance that your body needs to naturally maintain a healthy weight. Getting 8 hours of quality sleep every night will help you naturally balance out your ghrelin and leptin levels …not making up for it on the weekends. I say “quality” because many people suffer from sleep apnea and don’t know it. If you have been told you snore, kick, talk, or stop breathing in the night, have your doctor check for sleep apnea. Sleep disorders will keep you from getting into REM sleep which is when our hormones are balanced. Allergies are a main cause of sleep apnea. You don’t have to be overweight to suffer from it.

This information has helped scientists harness information to assist people in losing weight. Scientists have created an anti-obesity vaccine which reduces the production of ghrelin which helps reduce cravings. Yes, these drugs are on the market, but instead of putting a huge dent in your wallet, you can start to balance ghrelin by following a few easy steps.


Ghrelin creates our ravenous cravings for food. Our bodies increase this hormone before eating, whether it is when your clock strikes 12 noon at work or you walk by a bakery and the smell of doughnuts stimulates the production. Read more in Secrets to a Healthy Metabolism which is now on sale! Click HERE to find. There are charts included in the book on which foods to consume and food to steer clear of. Follow the steps in Secrets to a Healthy Metabolism to keep your ghrelin levels in check, but I’ll give you a hint, I do not recommend liquid calories to balance your ghrelin levels!

Cocoa Pebbles

 Cocoa Pebbles

1/2 cup vanilla whey or egg white protein
3/4 cup peanut flour
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp Celtic sea salt
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1/4 cup coconut oil OR NATURAL almond/peanut butter*
4 TBS Swerve confectioners
2 TBS water (just enough to hold dough together)

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C). In a medium bowl, stir together the whey, nut flour, cocoa powder, baking soda and salt. Cut in the peanut butter using a pastry blender or your fingers until the butter lumps are smaller than peas. Stir in the water and sweetener to form a stiff dough. On parchment paper (lightly greased), roll the dough out to 1/8 inch in thickness. Cut into small diamond shapes with a pizza cutter. Place parchment onto cookie sheets. Bake for 7-10 minutes in the preheated oven, until edges are lightly browned (I broke up pieces and baked another 3 minutes to crisp up the pieces). Remove from oven to cool. Makes 3-4 servings.

***You could also use coconut oil in place of the peanut butter. This would allow you to store longer since coconut oil is shelf stable and doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Serve with Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk! YUM

NUTRITIONAL COMPARISON (3/4 cup with 1 cup milk)
POST Cocoa Pebbles with 1 cup skim milk = 240 calories, 42 carbs, 3g fiber
“Healthified” Pebbles with 1 cup almond milk = 195 calories, 17g fat, 8g protein, 5.5 carbs, 2.8g fiber (78% fat, 16% protein, 10% carbs)
1 serving of “Healthified” Cereal = 165 calories, 15g fat, 7.3g protein, 4.5 carbs, 1.8g fiber (81% fat, 17% protein, 10% carbs)

About Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 12 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of "Dairy Free Ketogenic Cooking" and "Keto.". Click here for Keto.: Click here for Easy Dairy Free Ketogenic Cooking:


  • steph says:

    I am having problems finding peanut flour. Can I substitute almond or coconut?

  • You can find peanut flour at

    Or you can use almond flour;)

  • reikime says:

    Is PB2 by Bell Plantation the same as peanut flour? I have PB2 but no peanut flour… I am thinking it should work!
    I have a junk food addicted friend and this might help me get him to eat better. Think I will make him a batch!
    Thanks Maria!

  • Is there a substitute for Peanut flour? We are allergic here. Thanks

  • Hi Maria
    Is there a substitute for the whey powder?

  • Anonymous says:

    How long does this store in the cabinet?

  • Anonymous says:

    If I use coconut oil, do I want it in a liquid form when I add it?

  • Anonymous says:


    I love your recipes, blog, and your books (yes, I have them all). I tried this recipe, and it didn’t look as good as your picture (I think I rolled the dough too thin), but tasted fantastic! It ‘crunched’ up as it cooled, and stayed crunchy even in the fridge. It was a wonderful treat to be able to have ‘cereal’ again. Will be making several batches so I can have it on hand. Thank you for all you do, and please don’t ever stop!!!! LeeAnn

  • Lisa says:

    How many grams of fat does this have? 🙂

  • Michelle Spaeth says:

    I made this yesterday but didn’t roll them out like a previous poster mentioned but left it as “pebbles” and dusted it with confectioners Swerve to taste and when I put unsweetened almond milk and a touch of heavy cream on it I could swear I was eating crushed Oreos. Omg I missed cereal so much but this was an unexpected amazing boost of yumminess. I will have to double this recipe I’m sure!

  • Michelle says:

    Hi I was just wondering if I could substitute the vanilla whey protein for chocolate whey protein? I don’t have any jay Robb vanilla whey protein right now. Thank you.

  • Anna says:

    I’ve been reading some of your recipes & your info about health & it makes my head spin. I’m going to start trying to make some of your recipes & try to get my family to be healthy. My youngest has psoriasis for the past 12 years & is now taking Humara. Very picky eater & would love to live off of ice cream & bread if she could. Thanks for all the work you do in writing about how bad sugar is. Wish me luck!

    • cemmerich says:

      You can do it. You will be thankful you did once you see all the benefits (moods, focus, skin, digestion, etc.) 🙂

  • kay says:

    How many 1cup servings does this make?

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  • Angie says:

    I’ve been reading all your awesome recipes. What are some good replacements for almond and peanut flour? My son has allergies to both. Normally if it calls for almond…I will replace with coconut. But what if the recipe calls for almond flour and coconut flour. What do you replace the almond flour with? Or do you just double the coconut? I know that coconut doesn’t always work depending on the recipe. For example: ALL your cereals. I’m not sure what to replace the almond and peanut flour with.

  • Angie says:

    I have the chart already:) I do that when it calls ONLY for almond flour. But if the recipe has BOTH almond and coconut. I wasn’t sure what to do there. For example this cereal… would it still have the same texture if you replaced the peanut flour with coconut flour? Are there other nut free flours(besides coconut)with textures similar to the ones in your recipes?

    • cemmerich says:

      Yes, that gets more tricky and probably takes trail and error getting the batter right. There aren’t a lot of great options outside of nuts. Hemp seed flour is one. Maybe sunflower seed flour. 🙂

  • Angie says:

    Thank you!! We’ll keep working on it. I really wanted to make all your cereals and have them on hand. My boys love cereal:)

  • Judy says:

    Yum! I made this cereal and it is very good. 🙂

    I have a question though. I was only able to get 2 C of (baked) cereal from the amount of ingredients in your recipe. In the directions it states 4 servings. The Nutritional information states a serving is 1 C.

    Any idea what I might have done wrong?

  • Judy says:

    Thank you!

  • Eileen West says:

    Do u think sunflower seed flour is a good alternative to the peanut flour? I don’t like to use peanuts for my little one….I have used almond flour and coconut flour in your recipes without issue but thought sunflower seeds might be a more similar flavor??

  • Eleni says:

    Dear Maria,
    I love all your recipes! Could I replace the nut flour in granola recipes with coconut flour (due to allergy to nuts) and if so should I reduce the amount?

  • Melissa says:

    Wanted to tell you that I love this cereal! It’s my favourite. My husband’s favorite is your “blueberry morning” recipe.
    I made this for breakfast this morning with a little change. I had made your healthified crackers without Parmesan cheese the other day… I used vanilla whey and added vanilla and cinnamon. They reminded me of cinnamon toast crunch, but harder. So I made this cereal without the cocoa powder and added the same things(vanilla & cinnamon), and upped the whey to replace the cocoa. It was delicious! A little crumbly, but great with the almond milk.
    I’m going to try it again but maybe a 1/4 cup of almond meal instead of whey. I will let you know how it turns out later. 🙂
    I just LOVE your cereal recipes!!!

  • MJ says:

    Dang, girl. This is unreal. I could barely get it in the oven, the dough alone was so good. Thank you so much for your recipes. I have all your cookbooks and just pre ordered your latest.

    Following your recipes my 90 yr old father in law’s ha1c went from 6.9 to 5.1 in three months! Thank you!

  • Melissa says:

    I have been meaning to update you on my revision of this cereal. First of all, I always have to double the batch and then I make it at least twice a week since my 10-month old and 2-year old both love it. They would live on this cereal if I let them. 😀
    I make a double batch without the cocoa (so my little guy can eat it too) and replace that with 2-3 teaspoons of coconut flour. Then add cinnamon and vanilla and up the oil and water just a bit. It is AMAZING. I can’t keep it on the shelf. It just disappears. 😉

  • Nazli says:

    Hi Maria,
    I tried to make this cereal recipe today and followed all your directions. I have some concerned about the carbohydrate content as written in your recipe.
    My carb calculation is 57 gram in total and if I divide it into 4 servings then it is 14 grams per serving, I am more concerned as I am making this for my 10 year old type 1 diabetic. Could you please clarify your calculation.
    Thank you.

  • Dorothy says:

    The dough was so good, I couldn’t bake it. I just made it into nice little chocolate peanut butter protein balls and keep it in the refrigerator… Yum! I might even dip them in chocolate, like truffles….

  • Alex says:

    Amazon in Canada has a peanut flour (actually, it’s peanut butter flour) that isn’t defatted, like the product you recommend. Would it work if it isn’t defatted? The product you recommend doesn’t seem to be available at

  • Sharon says:

    first I want to Thank you for all your Great recipes I have purchased 3 of your cookbooks and find them very helpful . I have been following the keto diet now for approx. 7 months and have lost 40 lbs. When my grandchildren come for sleepovers they want cereal so I want to make this healthified version for them. I just have one question In place of whey powder can I use a bone broth protein powder from Epigenetic Labs promoted by Ty Bollinger. Or are whey powder and protein powder two different products.